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About us

The Postgraduate Training in Psychiatry (PGT) office supports Queensland-based doctors who are working towards Fellowship with the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP). PGT in Psychiatry is a state-wide service funded by Queensland Health. Training is undertaken in RANZCP accredited positions in a variety of locations including public hospitals, communities and private settings.

The role of Postgraduate Training in Psychiatry:

  • Administration of training in accordance with the RANZCP training regulations, policies and procedures
  • Delivery and maintenance of a Formal Education Course (FEC)
  • Supporting trainees on their trajectory to Fellowship
  • PGT works with committees such as Queensland Branch Training Committee (QBTC), Queensland Rotational Training Program (QRTP), Academic Subcommittee (ASC) and the Training Monitoring Subcommittee which oversee various aspects of fellowship training including selection into training, accreditation of positions and supervisors.

The Directors of Training:

The Director's of Training (DoT) are responsible for ensuring your training is at the highest quality and making sure that all aspects of the training program run smoothly. They meet with trainees at least every six months to review your training experiences and progression. Importantly, they work to assist trainees in navigating the challenges that can emerge on their trajectory to Fellowship.

The additional accountabilities of DoTs include:

  • Regularly meeting with trainees to review their experiences and progress
  • Awareness of the clinical facilities associated with the training program
  • Ensuring training sites meet the requirements associated with accredited training posts
  • Liaising with relevant committees and stakeholders in approving trainees training posts and experiences
  • Ensuring clear lines of consultant responsibility are available for each trainee.
Last updated 21 March 2024
Last reviewed 21 March 2024